Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hughes & Hughes Book Launch

Last Thursday A Thoroughly Good Blue was invited to read from our anthology at a local bookshop in Dublin. Although not as huge a crowd as we garnered for the official launch back in May, we had a good crowd and I had my support group of friends by my side. It was another great experience and another step in my writers journey.

We toasted with wine and had a great time and then my friends and I went out on the town as has become our usual custom to celebrate!

The fabulous photos below are a sample of those taken at the reading - courtesy of my classmate John and his great camera. 

 Our anthologies on display. 

For a few weeks leading up to the launch the bookshop had a poster of ours up in their window and our books up for all to see in the front display.

 Me, reading from and excerpt of my novel. 

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