Thursday, April 26, 2012

Rainy Days = Roast Dinners

This past week, well really the past two weeks in Dublin have been rainy and grey. We've had a few storms but everything is a lovely green so I can forgive the constant downpour. Plus, as you all know I love the rain and I've also had a lot of writing to do lately as I try to finish up my last assignment before I head into my dissertation at full speed. So the rain has kept me indoors where I can look out my window as I type and enjoy the weather from my warm and dry perch.

Yesterday though my roommates another friend of ours and myself trekked out to Tesco - our local grocery store. I ended up seeing some great roasts on sale for about 5 euro and had to pick them up! Juhaina, my Swedish roommate and I decided that we would each get one and make them up differently. We also each bought some potatoes and Sarah, my roommate from Iowa made the veggies and bought the wine.

It was an awesome evening of cooking and just hanging out. Here is the proof of our efforts. Juhaina made a spicy rub for her roast along with potatoes gratin. I went for a more herby roast, with garlic, rosemary and olive oil and then put some onion and garlic and rosemary in the bottom of the pan to infuse the gravy for later. They both turned out marvelously and the four of us ate like kings! It was one of the best dinners I've had here if I do say so myself.

 Luke, helping to mash the arms started to hurt - we don't own a masher so it was down to a fork for about 7 potatoes.

 The lovely table, set by Sarah. 

 And the rain kept pouring...

 Juhaina, ready to eat, eat, eat. 

 Both waiting to dig in...but they were told they had to wait until everything was on the table.

 Our lovely feast.

 There's my BEEF! The picture of perfection :p

Luke didn't cook, but he did the honours and cut the roasts - strenuous work when you don't have very sharp knives.

 Too much food!
Ultimately, a great night with great food and a nice way to spend a rainy day.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Happy 23rd!

 Friday the 6th - Good Friday we had a party for my birthday. We had planned to go out for the night but because of the holiday pretty much all of Dublin was shut down. No pubs or clubs or restaurants to be had. So we had a party in Halls instead. Such a great night and probably one of the best - if not the best - birthdays I've celebrated. 

Many of the photos taken at night a blurry because of the lighting - we'd strung up Christmas lights and turned off the overhead lighting so the camera couldn't capture images all that well while people were moving around - regardless, a little taste of the night.

 Juhaina's attempt at writing "Happy Birthday!"
got half way through and the T looks like an J

 Girlies getting ready for the party!