Sunday, March 25, 2012

St. Paddy's Day in Dublin - Where the Craic is Mighty!

Getting ready with green shirts and Irish tattoos. 
There were way too many pictures taken over the course of this day to even begin to post them all, but here is a sample of the highlights. 

 Getting the day started right...

On to the parade!

 The theme was science and imagination so there was some random stuff going on but it wasn't really about the parade - more about being in the atmosphere with friends. 


 Big Bear in a Wheelchair??

Here comes the dancing...

 I was lucky enough to be on someone's shoulders during the parade since little ole' me was too short to see anything on my own two feet.
 Piggy back problems...

 Oh boy...the laughing going on at this moment! My abs hurt the next day!

 Onwards to the first pub of the lonnnggg night!

Last pub of the night. After 18 hours out in Dublin we were all reading for bed at about 4am!
Best St. Patrick's Day I've ever experienced. Don't think anything will ever come close again.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Pancake Day

This post is long overdue - I think by two weeks (yikes!) but we did celebrate Pancake Day here in Ireland and I made fluffy pancakes for dinner for my flatmates. Luckily when mom came to visit me back in December she brought me about 6 cans of genuine maple syrup straight from Canada eh? 
It was a huge hit and I've been asked about 3 times since then to whip up pancakes for Sunday breakfasts. 

Here is the proof of my cooking excellence for your enjoyment. And of course as any good Irishman would do, after our pancake dinner we went to the pub. 


 And so the process begins...

 Some fancy flip action!

 Look at the stack! Marvel!

 Happy Campers!
(my roommate Juhaina came later... and we feasted)